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Celsys Incorporated provide all the services necessary for Factory Automation and Machine Control.

System Recommendations:

We can design your system from the ground up. We will review our customer's needs and make recommendations. We will consider economic as well as technical considerations in all our designs. These services may be part of our quote or could be a consulting service. 

System Design:

Before we proceed to build your system, we will invest time in a solid economical design. This design will consider such issues as scalability and logistics.

We will generate all the necessary drawings and documentation to build and install our design. We can keep the design simple and economical. We can develop designs and documentation that will meet any customer specifications such as large automakers or steel companies.

We can develop designs compliant to any and all of the following industry standards: NEC, NEMA, UL and CE.

Our Panel Shop build the cabinets to our specifications.


Software Development:

We develop PLC, Motion Control, HMI and SCADA programming.

We have completed projects for just about every make and size of PLC, from Micro PLCs to large Distributed Control Systems with over one thousand I/O points.

We have integrated multi-axis motion control systems on a variety of platforms for the Paper, Steel, Food, Dip Molding and Extruding industries.

Our solutions have included HMI interfaces from small economical touchscreens to networks of PC based SCADA systems. Even our simplest HMI solutions include the highest level of diagnostic information for the operator. Our larger SCADA systems have provided, Recipe Batching, Historical Trending, Data Logging, Statistical Process Control as well as interfacing with customer inventory control software.

Our quality control procedures ensure that programs are thoroughly tested before installation in the field. Our programs have the highest standards in documentation and our code is designed to be easy to understand.

Field Support/Start-Ups:

Our quality procedures for design checking and program testing are the essential components of a successful start-up.  We have a proven record in starting up systems on time or ahead of schedule.

There is no substitute for experience during this phase of the project. CelSys engineers have amassed a wealth of experience at start-ups all over the world. We have conducted start-ups in Europe, South East Asia, China, the Middle East, Australia, Central America, and throughout North America.

We are committed to supporting our customers long after the successful completion of the project.

CelSys will also provide start-up services and installation supervision for third party systems where we have not provided design or programming.

We also provide on-going programming and troubleshooting support to manufacturing industries. We assist plants improve their productivity by improving their automation on an on-going basis. In cases where the Control system vendors no longer support their products and there are little or no drawings or program comments, we have been able to backup, troubleshoot and implement code improvements.

We believe there are many compelling business reasons for outsourcing the Control Engineering function. We provide a package of services which allow our customers to confidently focus on their core business.

We strive to provide our clients with a high quality technical and business solution to their automation requirements.


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